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How to sell carbon credits

Selling carbon credits to large companies that produce a large volume of pollution can be a lucrative way for some smaller companies to earn revenue. Businesses that are involved in reducing carbon emissions or who produce low emissions in general can sell carbon credits on the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX).

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Businesses that may be able to sell carbon credits include farms, logging companies, solar power businesses and any company or business that produces low or no carbon emissions.

  1. Determine if your business or company could help offset carbon emissions from larger companies. Those involved with developing services and products that reduce emissions or those businesses that by nature have low emissions may be eligible.

  2. Contact the Chicago Climate Exchange for membership information. Businesses need to be registered as a member in order to buy and sell carbon credits. The CCX works like a stock exchange with carbon credits being bought and sold for different rates as the market conditions change.

  3. Upon approval as a member of the CCX, businesses will receive information about listing their available credits and stock prices. Businesses are periodically audited and monitored to ensure the number of credits being offered for stock purchase matches the actual number (in tons) of carbon being offset.

  4. Execute trades for carbon credits with large companies looking to offset their own emissions. Trades are handled by The Registry through the CCX Electronic Trading Platform.

  5. Sell shares of carbon credits to hundreds of large companies registered with the Chicago Climate Exchange.

  6. Tip

    Contact information for the CCX: 190 South LaSalle Street, Suite 1100 Chicago, Illinois 60603 USA Tel: +01 (312) 554-3350 Fax: +01 (312) 554-3373 General Inquiries: info(at) Accurately represent the amount of carbon credits that your business can offer. Carbon credits are determined by the number (in tons) of emissions each credit can offset. Inquire about the program even if you are not sure if your company is eligible.


    Audits can occur. Businesses are advised to keep accurate records of the amount of credits they offer, transactions on the CCX, profits and actual carbon reducing activities.

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Things You'll Need

  • Listing with the Chicago Climate Exchange
  • Proof of carbon credit eligible activities

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