How to Fix Scrambled Letters on Laptop Keyboard

Are you typing on your laptop and notice the text has become illegible? What should be letters, have become numbers or symbols. This odd behaviour can probably be explained be peering a little closer at your keyboard. Those little numbers on the keys.

These numbers and symbols normally become active when you hold down the function key, usually labelled as the "FN" key. The "FN" key is similar to the Shift key, activating a second function assigned to a key. It can become active seemingly on it's own because a key is locked in the on position.

Before performing numerous key combinations, try the simple thing of lightly tapping the "FN" or "Num Lock" 5 to 6 times. There may be a small particle of something logged under the key that you can loosen, move, or crush down. Do not bang the keys, just press normally.

Next focus on the "Numlock" key which usually located with the "Print Screen" and "Pause" key on the top right of your keyboard. Press the "Numlock" key, then press a scrambled key to see if it's normal.Older model laptops may require you hold down at the same time, the "Ctrl-Shift-Numlock" keys. Newer models may require holding down the "Shift" key and pressing the "Numlock" key.

Turn off the Function key with the following combinations: Hold down the "FN" key and hit the "Numlock", Hold down the "FN" key and hit the "Scroll" key and Hold down at the same time "Fn+F12+Num Lock"