How to dress casual chic

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Casual chic is a combination of casual and fashionable dress. The term describes a type of dress code that is comfortable, but also stylish and fashion-forward.

The casual half of "casual chic" embodies clothing that is traditionally comfortable, like jeans, cotton or khaki trousers, and flowing dresses; the chic half embodies precision tailoring, bright colours and a few feminine details and accessories to bring a touch of class and sophistication.

Wear dark, tailored jeans with a silk blouse and embellished sandals. Jeans are universally known for being a staple of casual dress, but darker-hued fitted jeans have a classier look. A silk blouse and sandals will make this into your perfect spring or summer outfit.

Wear white capri pants with a bold-coloured tank top and cork wedges. The cork wedges and capri pants provide comfort, while the bright-coloured top adds a sense of style. This is a casual-chic outfit that is comfortable enough to go shopping in, but that still looks fairly sophisticated, even runway-worthy.

Wear tailored khaki, twill or linen slacks with a light-coloured blouse. Khaki, twill and linen are generally considered casual fabric, but as long as they have a fitted look, they are the perfect trousers for a casual-chic outfit. Pair them with a delicate, flowing blouse and closed-toe heels, and you'll have achieved the perfect combination of comfortable and stylish.

Wear skinny black jeans with a red turtleneck sweater and flat boots. Black and white jeans are able to take any outfit from simply casual to casual chic. Add a fitted sweater and a few simple accessories (like flat boots, a black leather belt and hoop earrings) and your look is complete. For cold winter months, simply put on a black peacoat.

Wear a patterned cotton dress with simple sandals. Accessorise with sunglasses and chunky jewellery. A dress may seem like a formal option, but a dress made of cotton automatically gives off a much more casual vibe. A patterned cotton dress is at once casual and chic--the perfect outfit for a lunch outing at the beach.