How to change rear coil springs

Jeff Comfort/iStock/Getty Images

Removing the rear coil springs from a car is an easy process and can be done in just under an hour with a few simple tools. Then you can swap out those springs with a set of lowering or performance springs so that you can attain the look you're looking for.

Lift the vehicle into the air with the jack and support it by the frame with a set of jack stands. Place another set of stands underneath the axle of the vehicle to keep it suspended in the air.

Use the 1.8 cm (3/8 inch) ratchet to unbolt the bottom shock bolts that are connected to the axle.

Use the jack and lift up the axle so that it is off the stands on the axle, but not off the frame mounted stands. Remove the axle stands and slowly lower the axle so that the springs can slowly decompress.

Pull the springs out of the vehicle with the axle down. On some vehicles, the springs may still be under some tension. If that's the case, use a set of spring compressors to tighten the coils and pull the spring.

Replace the springs with a new set of your choosing. Reassemble in the reverse order.

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