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How to make a bra extender

Updated September 27, 2018

Your favourite bra may be more snug in the band area on some days due to water weight gain, extreme heat or when you become pregnant but your cup size has not grown. The hook and eye section on a bra are spaced to allow one extra inch between each eye. You can make your own bra extender to enlarge the band on a good bra with the eye section from an old worn out bra.

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  1. Hold the old bra in one hand with the eye section facing up. Cut the eye section off near the seam that is turned under to remove the old bra eye section.

  2. Place the cut off eye section on top of the bra you are extending with an overlap of about ¼-inch. Align the eyes with the eyes on the good bra.

  3. Thread a needle with the same colour thread as your bra. Pull the thread end through the eye and align it with the other end of the thread. Knot both pieces of thread together to make a double thread for sewing.

  4. Hand sew a straight stitch through the junction of the two bra eye sections on the front of the two pieces. Hand sew a straight stitch on the back. Knot your thread and cut off the excess with scissors.

  5. Tip

    You may extend a good bra with the eye section from an old bra in a different colour, but it will be noticeable under sheer blouses. Extending a bra band allows the band to sit flat in the back and not create a bulge around it like a bra band that is too tight.

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