How to Hang Curtains With Hooks

Curtain hooks are used to attach your curtains to the track gliders. Another style of rod would have pole rings. You can purchase hooks from hardware stores, home improvement stores or stores that sell fabrics. A package of inexpensive hooks can be as low as £1.90. Packages will come with 12 or 14 hooks.

Before making your purchase of hooks, count the number of pleats in the curtain. This will be the number of hooks you will need. Attaching the hooks is a simple and easy process.

Pick the right hook for the weight of your curtain. For lightweight curtains, you can use plastic hooks. Nylon hooks work better if your curtains are medium weight. Metal hooks are needed for heavy curtains.

If you are using pole rings then you need to insert the hook into the top most pocket of the tape. This allows the curtains to hang just below the rings. Start by putting a few hooks into every sixth pocket and hang on the rings. You may need to change this to every seventh or eighth pocket to get the right look.

If you use a rod with a track, then insert the hook into the bottom pocket of the tape. The bottom pocket allows for more curtain at the top which will cover the tracks.

If your curtains are heavy, it is good to start near the middle to hang and work out from both sides. This distributes the weight and makes handling easier. If the weight is still too heavy, you may need one extra person to hold the bottom of the curtain to lessen the weight.