How to change the air filter in a Land Rover Freelander

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Finding, reaching and changing the engine air filter in the Land Rover Freelander is a little bit more difficult than in most other cars. This air filter is obscured behind a panel that is held in place with screws instead of the usual metal clips. Because the shape of the Freelander's air filter is unusual, the compartment in which it's stored can be deceiving. Fortunately, changing this filter is still a fast and easy job if you know where to look.

Pull the bonnet release lever near the driver's seat. Lift the bonnet and secure it in place with the support arm.

Pull off the bright yellow plastic cap in the top left corner of the engine. This is the oil cap.

Look at the plastic panel that the oil cap was snapped onto and locate the two Allen bolts that hold it in place. Remove both of these bolts with an Allen wrench and lift the panel up.

Pull up the cylinder-shaped air filter, which should be loose inside the plastic compartment beneath the removable panel. Examine it closely. If it is not dirty and clogged, you can put it right back in. If it is too clogged to use, put the new filter in its place. Make sure you put it in facing the same direction as the old one.

Replace the plastic panel and tighten both of the Allen screws.

Replace the yellow oil cap. Lower the support arm and close the bonnet.

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