How to build a post and wire fence Images

Fencing can be necessary both to keep wild animals out and also to keep livestock in. It's important to build your fence carefully to make sure it can withstand the tests of wind, weather and time.

Determine the dimensions of your enclosure. Find the corners and locate any curves that the fence may include.

Install corner posts at the corner sites. Use larger posts for the corners than the other posts, usually 15 cm to 20 cm (6 to 8 inches) for wooden posts.

Run your wire from corner to corner around the outside of the corner posts, and fasten the wire at each corner with U-nails.

Use a come-along to tighten the wire. You can tighten from each corner or choose a point in the middle of each section to tighten. Use the come-along to grip the wire and draw in excess wire until the fence is stretched taut. You can tell the tension is sufficient when the wire's crimps begin to straighten out.

Add the posts along the line between the corners where the fence is already secured. You will need a post driver to drive metal posts. For wooden posts, you will need to dig post holes. For a long fence, an auger is helpful, but for a shorter fence, you can dig the post holes by hand.

Secure the wires to the posts using U-nails.

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