How to Make a Duvet Cover Stay in Place

Duvet covers can be wonderful things--especially if your quilt has seen better days. It's certainly cheaper to make or buy a duvet cover than to replace an entire quilt. However, keeping the quilt centred inside the duvet cover can be a little more tricky. Here are some tips on how to make a duvet cover stay in place.

Turn your duvet cover inside out.

Cut four 1 1/2-inch lengths of elastic and fold them in half to form loops. Pin the elastic loops to each of the four corners of the duvet cover.

Sew the loops in place by hand or with a sewing machine. Since the elastic loops are sewn into the inside of the duvet over, the colour doesn't matter.

Cut four 4- to 6-inch lengths of hem tape. Like the thread, this can be any colour you choose as it won't be seen.

Fold the hem tape in half, then pin the centre of the hem tape to each corner of the quilt. Sew the hem tape in place either by hand or with a sewing machine.

Line the duvet cover and the quilt up so that they're both oriented in the same direction. For example, king-size quilts are subtly rectangular. You want to make sure the long sides match up with the quilt and the duvet cover in order to make the duvet cover stay in place.

Thread the hem tape on the quilt through the elastic loops on the duvet cover. Tie the tapes securely in place. A bow would probably be the best knot to use. You want to be able to easily remove the duvet cover when it's time to wash it.

Turn the duvet cover right side out and close the flap. Thanks to the tied hem tapes at the corners of the quilt, your duvet cover will stay in place.

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