How to remove skin tags with tea tree oil

While skin tags are considered harmless in the medical community, they can be physically irritating and embarrassing to those who suffer from them. Skin tags are non-malignant tumours and they are often found in areas of the body where there are more skin creases, such as the armpit or neck area.

Most insurance companies won't cover the removal of skin tags by doctors. Since skin tags are not life threatening, their removal is seen as cosmetic. If you want to remove a skin tag, there is a simple, painless way to do this at home with tea tree oil. Tea tree oil is essential oil boiled from a plant native to Australia. It is known for its antifungal and antiseptic properties.

Make sure the area of your skin with the skin tag on it is clean and dry.

Pour some tea tree oil onto a cotton ball.

Rub the skin tag with the tea tree oil.

Tape the tea tree soaked cotton ball over the skin tag with medical tape if you desire. This will quicken the removal of the skin tag.

Repeat these processes several times a day until the skin tag loosens and falls off on its own.