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How to Make a Home Speaker Grill

Playing music in your home is one of the pleasures modern technology allows you to indulge in. But sometimes the speakers used to broadcast music into a room can be large and unattractive.The speaker covers can become damaged, dented or lost, and the inner workings of the speaker sometimes are exposed. Covering the grill or front of a speaker in a way that makes it blend into the room decor is easy.

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  1. Measure the front casing of your speakers from corner to corner. Take the measurements to a framing store and select inexpensive wood frames that have a rounded profile. Have the framing store assemble the frames for you.

  2. Select an upholstery fabric in the colours and decor of your room. Don't be afraid of pattern and colour; your upholstered speakers can become standing art. Purchase enough fabric to cover all of your speakers. Each piece of fabric should be 5 inches longer and wider than your case measurement.

  3. Lay your fabric facedown on the floor. Place your frame facedown on the fabric. Make sure any patterns line up.

  4. Pull your fabric over the back of your frame and staple the fabric to the frame using a staple gun. Keep your fabric evenly stretched, and avoid any wrinkles. You may need to snip your fabric at the corners to enable it to fold over evenly.

  5. Attach hook-and-loop tape to the back of your covered frames and the front of your speaker case. Press the hook and loop together, and you have new speaker grills that will keep the speakers clean and attractive. You can change the fabric whenever you want a new look.

  6. Tip

    Do your best to staple your fabric so that it lays flat on the back side. This will allow you to attach the frame evenly, which will look more professional.

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Things You'll Need

  • Tape measure
  • Frames
  • Upholstery fabric
  • Staple gun
  • Hook-and-loop tape

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