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How to write a memo to staff about toilet cleanliness

It's never easy to broach the subject of bathroom cleanliness in an office environment. You don't want to accuse anyone, or make anyone feel uncomfortable when people read your memo, but you also don't want to have an ineffective memo because you were too careful. Luckily, there are a few ways you can approach the topic tactfully and forcefully and effectuate a positive change in the environment.

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  1. Determine what the problem areas in the office bathroom are. Write down each of the specific areas that need to be kept clean. Some examples are the counter and sink areas, the floors or the toilets.

  2. Use generic information when introducing the topic within the memo. Statements like, "It has come to our attention that the bathrooms in our office are not being kept neat between cleanings" are good because no names or specific complaints are mentioned, so employees won't feel uncomfortable or singled out.

  3. Write clear instructions on what should be kept cleaner. If you have dirty, wet countertops, your memo should specifically state that counters need to be wiped down after hands are washed.

  4. Always use the word "please" when writing instructions within the memo. Employees will respond more kindly when treated with respect.

  5. List the locations of various cleaning supplies. Some employees may not know where your company keeps cleansers, sanitisers and towels. Make sure your memo includes a list of the cleansers your company keeps on hand and directions on where to find them.

  6. Write down the name and number of the person whom employees should contact to get more cleaning supplies or to request a deeper cleaning than they can administer while at work.

  7. Close your memo with a general statement about how cleanliness affects the whole office. One example would be to close your memo with, "Every employee benefits from having a clean, sanitary environment to work in. Help us provide that environment by keeping the office bathroom clean."

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Things You'll Need

  • List of cleaning supplies and their location
  • List of areas to keep clean in the bathroom

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