How to use a stove top percolator

Hob percolators have fallen out of favour since electric versions of coffee makers were introduced. Yet, a hob percolator has the advantage of being always available for use and has no electrical parts that can fail leaving you without that much needed morning cup of coffee. Using a hob percolator is simple and easy and because it contains no electrical parts is simple to clean after the coffee is gone.

Fill the percolator pot with water to the fill line inside the pot.

Place the percolator stem inside the coffee pot and slide the coffee basket over the top of the stem.

Place the desired amount of coffee into the basket. Generally this is 1 tbsp of ground coffee for every cup of water.

Place the basket lid on the basket if your hob percolator came with one. Not all models have these.

Place the lid on the coffee pot and set the coffee pot on the smallest stove eye.

Turn the heat on the stove eye to medium high and let the coffee begin to perk. You will see the coffee perk, or boil, through the glass lid of the pot.

Allow the coffee to perk 6 to 8 minutes. Turn the heat to low to keep the coffee hot for drinking.

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