How to Replace the Door Seal on a Wood Stove

If you have a working wood stove in your home, sooner or later you will need to replace the gasket around the inside perimeter of the stove door. It is made of a fireproof, fibreglass material that insures a snug fit when the door is closed. Having the proper-sized gasket will help the stove burn more efficiently and keep the glass cleaner as well.

Check the owner's manual for the size and type of replacement gasket the stove needs. Otherwise, measure the width of the old gasket and be exact. Next, measure the width of the channel where it will go and be precise. Compare the two measurements. Take note if the channel will accept the correct diameter in rope form or is the channel flat, which requires a comparable flat gasket. Measure the length of the old rope or flat gasket to know how much you will need to purchase.

Purchase a gasket kit, which includes a length of fibreglass gasket that is long enough for your stove and in the correct diameter. Also in the kit should be a tube of adhesive for your channel, to hold the gasket in place. Local woodstove shops or hardware stores may carry kits or their component parts.

Cool the stove for at least a day to ensure that no hot ashes or embers remain.

Remove the ashes from the wood stove.

Remove the stove door by releasing a hinge pin. Gasket replacement is easier to do if the door is away from the stove.

Place the door on a flat work surface and pry the old adhesive from inside of the gasket channel. A sharp flathead screwdriver can scrape it or a hammer and chisel or an electric drill might be necessary to clean the channel completely.

Blow any adhesive dust out of the channel to provide a clean and dry surface for the new adhesive. During this process, be careful not to break any glass in the door.

Use disposable rubber gloves and carefully spread the black, very tar-like adhesive around the length of the channel. Take care not to get it all over everything, just the channel.

Measure and cut the replacement fibreglass gasket to fit your door dimensions.

Beginning at the top corner of the door, place the gasket into the channel pushing it in completely and neatly.

Continue the gasket placement around the perimeter of the door until the entire length of gasket is used.

Allow 24 hours for the door to cure before reattaching it and firing the wood stove.

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