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How to dial a phone number extension

Updated February 12, 2018

Large businesses use telephone extensions because it is not feasible for everyone in the company to have his or her own phone number. Extensions are internal lines through the company's switchboard exchange system. Using these extensions, inside callers have direct access to any department or staff member by dialling a simple number code. Outside callers who know the employee's extension number can also connect directly to their party.

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Dial the extension from within the company itself. For instance, if you work in a particular company and want to reach a co-worker whose extension is 8529, simply press 8529 on your phone.

If you are outside of the business, dial the main company number. If the company has a receptionist or operator, say that you are calling extension 8529 to be connected.

Utilise an automated menu system to dial a phone number extension. Increasingly, businesses are using automated menus to answer phones and provide options to callers. At a prompting from the recording, input the appropriate extension.

Press any extra keys requested. These may be the hash sign (#) or another key before the extension number or after it.

Dial a phone number extension while using Skype or other type of free Internet phone service. After dialling the main phone number, click the dialpad icon on the screen, and use the mouse to input the numbers. Or enter the extension on the number keypad.

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