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How to Install Insulation Under a Mobile Home

Updated February 21, 2017

Insulation under a mobile home is the best method for efficient heating and cooling. It also helps protect the underside of the flooring. Installing insulation under a mobile home is not difficult. With proper planning, and one afternoon you can have the underside of your home sealed against the elements, and prepared for the temperatures of both summer and winter. Here are the basic steps to show you how to install insulation under a mobile home.

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  1. Create an opening under the mobile home large enough for you to comfortably fit through. Go underneath the trailer with a flashlight. Use the flashlight to light the underside of the floor. Look for any damage such as rips, holes, or water build-up in the existing insulation if you have any. If you are working with a new installation, check for nests or other obstructions.

  2. Repair any holes or damage under the floor before proceeding. If you have felt covering over current insulation, you will want to remove this. Holes in the floor can be sealed with wood or insulation stuffed into the hole. Water damage must dry before installing insulation to keep the insulation from rotting.

  3. Make sure the water supply and the electricity are shut off when completing this step. Unhook or disconnect any plumbing, or wiring which may be connected. Put these items out of the way for now; you can either tie them off or place them on the ground near where they need to be reconnected. The insulation will be going above where these are being replaced and this will avoid problems working around obstructions.

  4. Install roll type insulation with a sufficient "R" value such as R-19 to provide maximum efficiency of heat retention. Place the insulation between the floor joists, working from the main beams at the trailer front. Look for where the tongue would be connected to find the front. Affix the insulation into place with the insulation support wires. Place the insulation so the paper backing is facing down. This gives added protection to the insulation.

  5. Replace the plumbing and wiring you disconnected earlier. This is also a good time to reseal the plumbing lines and insulate the plumbing lines and duct work.

  6. Install the fabric roll over the insulation by tacking it to the frame underside of the mobile home. This will form multiple large squares underneath the trailer. The fabric can be either a felt backing or plastic sheeting. Make one final check to ensure no gaps or holes in your work. This will prevent critters from making nests under your mobile home.

  7. Replace the opening to the underside of the mobile home. Dispose of any old insulation or other material by placing it into lawn size garbage bags and tying them off; then place in a dumpster or set out for your garbage hauler.

  8. Tip

    Be sure to have air flow underneath the mobile home. Use a breathing mask and gloves when handling insulation. Use goggles or protective eyewear.

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Things You'll Need

  • Insulation
  • Covering Fabric
  • Flashlight
  • Nails or Staples
  • Hammer or Staple Gun
  • Garbage Bags
  • Gloves
  • Breathing Mask
  • Goggles

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