How to Twist Streamers

Streamers make great party decorations. Whether the party is at your home, school or office, streamers can easily be put up and taken down. You can add an extra dimension to your decorating style by twisting your streamers together.

Gather the streamers you want to use. It is a good idea to choose contrasting colours to help the streamers stand out when twisted together. Twisting together light and dark blue steamers for a boy's birthday party would be a good combination, as would pink and yellow for a girl's. You could also combine a white streamer with just about any colour to create a contrasting look.

Unroll one of the streamer rolls just enough to attach the end of the streamer to the ceiling or wall with scotch tape. Use a good amount of tape to make sure the streamer does not fall down. Have a second person hold the streamer roll that is attached to the ceiling.

Unroll your second streamer just a little bit and attach it to the wall or ceiling right beside or above your first streamer.

Have your helper slowly unravel the first streamer roll, twisting it by rotating it in a circular clockwise motion. This must be done carefully in order not to pull the taped streamer from the wall.

When your helper reaches the streamer's destination, he should carefully tear the streamer from the roll and attach it to the wall or ceiling with scotch tape.

Take the second roll and begin to twist it in a clockwise motion as you unravel it. Carefully wrap it around the first twisted streamer your helper hung up. You can wrap it around the first streamer either tightly or loosely depending on the look you prefer.

Continue to unravel, twist and wrap your streamer until you reach the end of the first streamer. Attach the second streamer to the wall with scotch tape beside or above your first streamer.

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