How to make camper cushions

Whether you've just purchased a used camper that needs fixing up, or your own camper needs sprucing up, replacing the camper's cushions isn't that hard. If the camper is an older model, you might have difficulty finding the correct size cushions. No matter what year of camper it is, buying new cushions can be quite pricey and you might not find what you want. Making your own will solve this problem and you'll save a few dollars at the same time. You don't have to be a master seamstress to do this project either. Read on for some tips in making new cushions for your camper.

Measure the old cushions that need replacing, if you still have them. If not, measure the area where the new cushions will be. If your old cushion inserts are still in good shape, you'll just need to cover them with new fabric, otherwise you'll need to buy new foam rubber. When measuring, be sure to take the thickness of the cushion into account and add an extra inch for seams. For example, if your cushion is 36 inches by 24 inches and the thickness is 5 inches, your fabric panels will need to be 39.5 inches by 27.5. This will allow for the cushion's thickness and seams.

Purchase your materials that will be needed to make the new cushions. You should be able to locate your fabric, foam rubber and other supplies at your local fabric or craft store. Take into consideration how much the cushions will be used when selecting your fabric. Since the cushions are going inside of a camper, you'll probably want something that's easy to clean and durable.

Cut out your fabric to the desired size for the cushions. Cut your foam rubber to the correct size for the new cushions, if you have to make new ones. If the edges are ragged on the foam, don't fret; they'll be covered by the fabric.

Pin your fabric pieces together with the right sides facing each other. Sew three seams closed, allowing the fourth one to remain open. This will be the seam that the foam cushion will be inserted through.

Insert the foam cushion into the fabric cushion covering. Turn the raw edge of the seam toward the inside and pin together. Sew this last seam closed. Trim off any loose strands of thread. Repeat these steps until all the camper cushions have been completed. Place your new cushions in your camper.

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