How to insulate a basement ceiling

brozova/iStock/Getty Images

Insulating your basement will make a warmer environment downstairs. You will also be saving money on heating and cooling costs. Insulation is easy to install when following the proper steps. When choosing insulation, it is best to choose a faced fibreglass insulation that is formaldehyde-free.

This is better for your home health environment.

Put on your gloves, eye goggles and dust mask.

Measure the length needed for the insulation to be in between your joist.

Cut the fibreglass to the appropriate length with your utility knife.

Staple the fibreglass up by starting at one end. Fold the flap from the facing over the joist stud and staple each side. Staple every 7.5 cm (3 inches) all the way to the other end.

Stop at any plumbing or electrical wires, and make sure the insulation goes behind them. If this is not possible, cut your insulation where the pipe or wiring is, and stuff some insulation in behind the plumbing or wiring. Continue on the other side of the obstruction with the rest of your insulation.

Continue following the steps until all the desired joists are insulated.