How to print a sticker on a home printer

Stickers make effective incentives for kids and fun additions to craft or scrapbooking projects. You can print stickers at home in many ways. Create original stickers easily from scratch, and then print on readily available sticker paper. You might also download templates or complete designs to print stickers at home.

In general, have plenty of sticker paper and colour ink ready to use. Test your printer for alignment and ink before beginning the sticker project. Whole sheet sticker paper provides the most versatility in creating your stickers. Alternatively, you might also wish to use less expensive shipping labels to print your stickers if you are creating original stickers that you can size appropriately to fit shipping labels. Before printing on sticker paper, print a test sheet on regular paper in low resolution so that you can be sure the sticker fits your paper properly without wasting expensive sticker paper and too much ink.

Create and print original stickers at home with your desktop publishing software. Open a new document and, if using whole sheet sticker paper, create the stickers any way you wish. Use photos, graphics and text to make your sticker; then, group, copy and paste it as many times as it will fit on the sticker sheet. Alternatively, if using shipping labels, create your sticker to fit on one label and then, when prompted to print, choose the option to print it on every label on the sheet. Be sure you are using the print sticker option in your desktop publisher and choose the right size label. If using Microsoft Word, Avery and generic label templates are available online to download free from Microsoft.

If using a label brand such as Avery, go to the brand website and find many templates to download, personalise and print. Find templates and designs for everything from scrapbooking to teaching that are suitable for printing on whole sheet sticker pages. Also on the site, find templates and designs that fit other sizes of Avery labels such as address or shipping labels, as well as downloads to help your labels print properly.

Print ready-made sticker sets at sites such as Stickers and Charts and KidPrintables (see the Resources section for links). Have whole page sticker paper and plenty of ink ready. Very kid-friendly designs featuring bright colours and popular designs cover the pages of these sites. Find your favourites, load full size sticker paper in your printer, and click "Print." After printing, cut to the desired shape and size. Both of these sites feature home and classroom type stickers to print.

For scrapbooking stickers, visit a site such as the last link in the Resources section below. This site contains many great tips and links to scrapbooking stickers online. Be sure and check the many graphics not listed as stickers available on any scrapbooking site you visit. Remember that any graphic can be printed as a sticker if you print it on sticker paper.