How to remove scratches from a watch face

It can be disappointing to get scratches on a watch. This is particularly true if the watch you own is expensive. If the watch is expensive, chances are that it will be expensive for a person to replace the glass on the watch as well. However, a lot of the costs associated with repairing a watch can be avoided by removing the scratches from a watch face yourself. This process is not as difficult as some might think, as long as they have the right equipment.

Pour just a little bit of the Jeweler's Rouge powder into a small bowl. Because most scratches on watches are fairly small, there is not a need for a lot of the solution to fix the scratches on a watch face.

Put some lukewarm water in a cup and slowly pour just a tiny bit of water into the bowl on top of the Jeweler's Rouge.

Use a plastic spoon to mix the water and the Jeweler's Rouge. Mix slowly until the two elements combine to create a thin paste. Continue to mix until the paste is not runny. Do not mix so long that the paste becomes thick and inflexible.

Use a Popsicle stick to get a little bit of the mixture on the end of the stick. Remove the excess mixture before beginning to rub this mixture on the watch.

Rub the watch with the mixture in a circular motion. Rub over the scratch, but also rub over other areas of the watch face. The idea is to evenly apply the mixture over the whole watch face. Use a fair amount of pressure as you apply the mixture.

Continue to rub until the scratch on the watch face disappears. Let the watch set for a while and then lightly rub off any excess mixture with a light rag or paper towel.

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