How to Make Paper Mosaic Tiles

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Mosaics use small pieces of tiles like ceramic, glass or stone and are often found in art projects such as tabletops, kitchen backdrops and jewellery. Artists also use paper mosaic tiles for their artwork. Create your own tiles from colourful paper or paper clay. Making paper mosaic tiles ahead of time will make a project go smoother. Plan the project to determine the colours and how many tile pieces to use. Then create the tile pieces to fit the plan such as size, design and shapes.

Use a rolling pin to roll out the paper clay to a thickness of approximately 1/8 inch.

Paint the clay. Let it set until the clay is almost dried but still pliable.

Cut or break the clay into various size tile pieces as needed for the project.

Let the mosaic paper tiles dry completely before using in artworks.

Determine the colours needed for the project. An example for a rose is red for the flowers and green for the leaves.

Decide what type of paper to use such as construction paper, tissue paper or magazine. If using magazines, search through for the right colours.

Cut out squares, triangles and irregular tile shape piece,from colour paper or old magazines.

Apply glue to the back of the tile paper or directly within the lines of the mosaic design. Then place the tiles within the lines of the mosaic design. Leave a small gap between pieces and keep the gaps as consistent as possible for a unified look. Let dry.

Finish the design by taking a marker and tracing over the gaps. Use a colour such as black to bring out the colours.

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