How to single crochet blankets for beginners

Crochet for beginners.

Crochet is a pastime that can be rhythmic and soothing. With just a crochet hook and yarn, you can create anything from a scarf or blanket to sweaters, pillows, baskets and rugs. The single crochet is the simplest crochet stitch, and it can be helpful for beginners to create an entire project using single crochet. The repetition of the stitch will help you gain consistency in the size and tightness of your work. If your first blanket turns out a little wavy, don't be discouraged. You will probably be able to see a noticeable difference in the consistency of your first few rows compared to the final rows of the project.

Select the size and colour of your yarn. Though you will be using the same stitch throughout your project, you can use various colours to make it more interesting. The yarn should indicate the size of crochet needle it is compatible with on the packaging. A standard size to begin with is size 4 yarn, and a size H crochet hook.

Begin by making a chain that is the length of your desired blanket. If you chain 200, this should result in a blanket that is about 125 inches (50 inches) wide, depending on the size of your stitches. To make a chain, simply make a loop around the hook, wrap the length or yarn over the hook and draw it through. Repeat this for each chain.

Working in the second chain from the hook, insert your hook through the stitch. Wrap the yarn over your hook and draw it through.

You should now have two loops of yarn on your hook. Wrap the yarn over your hook once more and draw it through both loops on the hook. You have completed your first single crochet stitch. If you have difficulty figuring this stitch out, try viewing the video tutorial in the resources section of this article. Repeat this stitch in each chain across the project.

When you reach the end of the project, make one chain stitch. Wrap the yarn over the hook and bring it through the loop on the hook. Turn the project, and complete a single crochet in the top of the last single crochet of the previous row.

Several rows of even single crochet stitches.

Continue to work across each row in the same manner. Single crochet in the top of each single crochet in the previous row and chain once at the end of each row. It may be helpful to count your stitches occasionally to make sure you have the same number of stitches in each row.

To change colours, cut the yarn you are currently using and tie the new colour on to the old with a firm knot.

When you have reached the desired length for your blanket, you should finish the last row by making a slip stitch in each single crochet. To make a slip stitch, pass the hook through the single crochet in the previous row, wrap the yarn over the hook once, then pull the yarn through both the stitch and the loop on the hook. Repeat for each stitch across.

Finish off your blanket by cutting the end of the yarn about two inches from your last stitch. Draw this last piece of yarn through the final loop on the hook, making a knot. Weave the remaining length of yarn into the blanket.

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