How to donate old magazines

There is so much great information in magazines today. The range of topics varies from sports to business entrepreneurship to fashion and beauty. But when you're done reading your old magazines, what do you do with them? Throwing them in the trash is a no-no---they will end up in a landfill somewhere. You could recycle them, but think first. Is there a better way to put these old magazines to good use? The goal is have as many people as possible use your old magazines before they are tossed.

Bring your old magazines to the doctor's office and just spread them out on the table. Chances are that no matter how old the magazines are, someone will want to read them while sitting in the waiting room.

Bring fashion and parenting magazines to the waiting rooms at teen counselling and family planning centres.

Take your old business, entrepreneurship and money magazines to the waiting areas of banking centres and small business development centres.

Bring your food themed magazines to cooking schools, and the waiting areas of restaurants that are very busy.

Take housekeeping themed magazines to the waiting rooms at home design centres and furniture shops for people who are waiting for their orders to be completed. One of your old magazines may inspire them to try a new decor theme for their homes.

Take all brands of magazines (especially those targeted for car enthusiasts) to the waiting areas of your local auto repair shops or car dealers.

Pass them along to your friends. In fact, you can exchange magazines because you may have a subscription that your friends don't have and vice versa.

Put an ad on your local Freecycle or Craigslist board under the free section. People come to the Freecycle message board to find unwanted junk for free. Someone may have a very good use for these free magazines. See the Resources section below for a link to find your local Freecycle board.

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