How to Make Soap With Liquid Glycerin

Glycerine is widely used in cosmetics because it is known to attract moisture to the skin. It has skin soothing and softening properties. According to, clear soaps contain 15 to 20 per cent pure glycerine. It is easy to make glycerine soap using the melt-and-pour method. Here we explain how to make your own custom-made glycerine bar and liquid soap.

Set your tools in a well-ventilated area and put on the protective clothing.

Place 1 cup water in the microwaveable mixing bowl or in the double boiler and bring to a boil.

Add 1 pound of soap base, cover and continue heating. If you are using the microwave, heat for 1 minute at a time and stir thoroughly. In the double boiler, heat this mixture on low heat while constantly stirring.

Add 2 tsp of liquid glycerine and continue heating and stirring until the temperature reaches 65.6 degrees Celsius.

Add extras such as oatmeal, flower petals or glitter to the soap mixture. You can brew some tea to add to your soap mixture. Add food colouring and fragrance oil to create your own designer colour and scent. Oatmeal and honey make for a sweet-smelling and skin-softening organic soap.

Allow to cool for a few minutes before you pour into the moulds.

It will take from 2 to 5 days for the soap to cool completely. You can speed this process by putting your soap in the fridge.

Insulate a microwaveable bowl or a double boiler. This is important because potassium hydroxide will cause the container to get very hot.

Pour 1 cup of water and 85.1gr of potassium hydroxide in a microwaveable bowl or double boiler.

Combine all the oils you will be using for your soap in a separate container and heat slowly until it reaches 65.6 degrees Celsius.

Combine both mixtures together and allow to cool.

Set the mixture aside for one week, shaking daily to prevent the oils from separating.

After letting it set for one week, add 1/2 cup of liquid glycerine and any extras you want to use to make your soap. Don't forget the preservatives. They are very important with liquid soaps because they tend to spoil faster due to their moisture content.

Add 1/2 cup of liquid glycerine and blend the mixture once more in a blender while adding up to 6 cups of water until you get the desired consistency.

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