How to lay laminate flooring in a hallway

Wikimedia Commons

Your new floor is almost finished, but you've hit a snag: you're not quite sure how to lay the laminate flooring in the hallway. You'll be tickled to know the hard part is over; installing laminate in a hallway is the easiest part of the job.

Before you know it, you'll be at the end of the hall and ready to stand back and admire your work, not to mention enjoying your new floor!

Cover the hallway with underlayment, butting any edges together without overlap. Cut any excess at the walls, using a utility knife.

Measure the hallway at 2-foot intervals to ensure that the walls are true. If you find an area that varies, make a note or measure each piece of laminate before making your cuts.

Adjust the height of any doorways by cutting to the depth of the laminate plus underlayment, using an undercut saw.

Cut the planks of laminate according to the width of the hallway, subtracting 1/2 inch on each plank for the wall allowance. You will use a full plank for each piece; laminate in a hallway doesn't require alternating lengths.

Install the planks by connecting to the installed product on the floor of the room at the opening of the hallway. Snap or glue the planks into place (depending on the type of laminate you're working with) until you reach the end of the wall.

Place the last piece of flooring backward on the floor and mark your measurement where it meets the installed plank. This will be your last cut to fit the piece to the wall.

Replace the quarter round trim around the perimeter of the hall.