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How to make Hollywood style birthday cakes

Updated April 17, 2017

A Hollywood birthday party theme is suitable for children, teens or adults. After sending out glitzy invitations and selecting glamorous decorations, it's time to turn the focus to the ever-important birthday cake. There is a Hollywood-style birthday cake to suit every personality, from the wannabe superhero to the aspirant film-maker to the family diva. All that is needed is a dash of originality, a spoonful of effort, and a cup heaped with affection.

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Walk of fame

  1. Bake two 20 by 20 cm (8 by 8 inch) square cakes. Evenly cut all four corners off of one cake so that a diamond shape remains.

  2. Discard or put away the diamond shaped piece. Place the four cut corners around the edge of the remaining square cake to form a star.

  3. Make sugar biscuit dough and form a round, flat shape several centimetres in diameter. Place a child's hand in the dough to make a hand imprint. Bake the biscuit as directed.

  4. Ice the cake with your choice of icing. Place the biscuit in the middle of the cake.

  5. Write "Happy Birthday" and the name of the birthday person on the cake using a tube of icing. Try to write in a fancy script.

Clapper board cake

  1. Bake a 32.5 by 25 cm (13 by 9 inch) tray cake in the flavour of your choice. Allow it to cool completely and remove it from the tin.

  2. Cut a 5 cm (2 inch) slice off one of the long sides of the cake. Set the cake straight on a platter or large cake board. Place the sliced piece at a 45-degree angle to the large cake.

  3. Ice all of the cake with black or dark brown icing. Use white icing to draw diagonal lines on both the thin slice of cake and a the edge of the large cake adjacent to the smaller piece.

  4. Write "Happy Birthday" in white icing on the black area of the cake. Use a spatula or your fingertip to smear the lettering so that it has a chalk-like appearance.

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Things You'll Need

  • Cake mix
  • Black icing
  • White icing
  • Tube icing
  • Sugar dough

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