How to Remove Clothing Tags

Buying new clothes can be a treat but sometimes removing clothing tags can be difficult. All clothing is made of delicate fibres that are subject to wear and tear. Sometimes removing tags can damage articles of clothing, by ripping them, fraying the fabric or tearing a seam. This can be very frustrating, particularly when you have spent a lot of money on your garments. Removing clothing security tags that have accidentally been left on your purchase can also seem difficult or frustrating but once you know how to do it correctly you will be able to remove tags easily without damaging your clothing.

Evaluate how your price tags are attached to your garments. If they are attached by safety pins, simply open the safety pin and gently slide it out from the fibres of the garment. If your tags are attached to the garment with plastic, move on to step 2.

Cut the centre of the plastic tag holder with a pair of scissors. Gently slide the plastic tag out from the fibres of the clothing being careful not to snag the fibres with the cut end of the tag. If you are trying to remove a tag that has been stapled into a garment, move on to Step 3.

Using your fingernails or a pair of tweezers, gently pull the arms of the staple open and press them flat until the staple is as close to resembling one, long, straight line as possible. Gently slide the staple out through the holes. Take special care not to snag the fibres on the end of the staple as it passes through the garment. If you are trying to remove a security tag from your clothing, move on to Step 4.

Place the item of clothing on the floor or a flat surface with the rectangular piece of the security tag facing you. There will be a raised node on one side.

Use a flathead screwdriver or another thin, prying tool to pry up the edge of the raised node and press hard. Continue pressing at the plastic node until it breaks and can be removed. This will reveal the locking mechanism.

Scrape off and dig out the silver paper that covers the metal plate underneath with the screwdriver. Pry up one of the metal arms that is holding the pin in place. Exert pressure until the pin slides out of the security tag. Slowly slide the tag out of your garment.

If you are still experiencing difficulty sliding the garment from the security tag, use a hammer. Place the tag on its side and smash it with a hammer in order to break the node of the tag and loosen the spring mechanism to release the pin.

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