How to Make Fake Roman Columns

Roman columns have been a symbol of beauty and power for centuries. They combine the Greek sense of stability and order with sophisticated design. Although columns are traditionally associated with expensive buildings, you can build your own fake Roman columns in little time and with little effort or expense.

Following these simple steps you can construct beautiful fake Roman columns.

Draw a diagram of your column, including basic dimensions for the shaft, base, and capital. The capital is the top piece of the column that displays the majority of the column's style. Become aware of the different column styles--Ionic, Doric and Corinthian. Obtain a wooden post for the column's shaft at a hardware store or mill. Roman columns were distinctively graceful and slender, so look for a tall post that tapers slightly at one end.

Attach the column's shaft to its base by bolting a small, flat wooden box to the base of the shaft. Bolt the base to the shaft with a large, solid steel bolt. Make sure that the box fits snugly against the shaft and insert another bolt if the shaft wobbles or turns. If desired, add an additional decorative element by inserting a circular piece of wood between the shaft and the base.

Attach the capital to the tapered end of the column. Begin by bolting a circular piece of wood to the top of the shaft (the circumference of the piece should be slightly larger than that of the shaft). The actual capital could be a simple rectangular box attached to this circular piece and positioned so that the long side of the rectangle is pointing up. The capital could also be another circular wooden post bolted to the top of the shaft.

Bolt a flat wooden box to the top of the capital. The box should be slightly larger than the box forming the base. If you want a more professional capital, they can be purchased at home decor stores. Make sure the weight of a stone capital is not too great for the wooden shaft and base.

Place the column on a level surface and secure it to a wall or other sturdy surface with metal brackets. You can paint the column whatever colour you like, although white conveys a refined sensibility with columns. If the column is to sit outside use oil-based paint and cover it with a waterproof sealant.