How to find a free sample last will and testament template

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A last will and testament is an enforceable legal document that designates where assets go after a person's death. When writing a last will and testament, it's important to review the criteria for your state to make sure the will is valid. Some states vary in their requirements in regards to notarization, witnesses and whether the will can be handwritten or needs to be typed. Numerous websites offer templates of sample last will and testament documents. Start by selecting one of these templates, and then mould it to your specifications.

Go to your local Citizens Advice Bureau. It has sample forms and templates that you can use, and the staff can also assist you with customising a will of your own.

Go to your local library. Most libraries have resource materials available for the public that include samples of last will and testament forms and documents, along with books that help you to write your own. Speak to a librarian, and ask for help finding the materials you need.

Find samples of last will and testament examples online. Focus on site that have UK will templates available for download free of charge (see Resources).

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