How to remove scratches from lacquer furniture

Aj_OP/iStock/Getty Images

Lacquer furniture is enjoying a resurgence in popularity, and many fans are looking for older pieces to add to their home. Some of these may be a little worse for wear. This method will remove those scratches and return lacquer furniture to its original glossy shine.

Apply auto wax precleaner to the scratched area with a rag, and clean it thoroughly.

With a clean cloth, apply Menzerna Intensive polish. Rub it firmly into the scratched area, allow it to dry, and then buff it with a clean, dry cloth.

Take another clean cloth, and apply the Menzerna Intensive paste. Rub in and buff off as in Step 2.

Finally, apply Menzerna Intensive polish to the area a second time, rubbing and buffing lightly for your final, repaired finish.

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