How to make homemade squirrel repellent

Laurie Darroch-Meekis

Squirrels are voracious little eaters and diggers. They will go after any tasty little treat in your garden that appeals to them, including all those flowering bulbs you so carefully planted in hopes of producing a beautiful flower garden. Those bulbs and plants are wonderful food for visiting squirrels. When you see squirrels digging in your yard or see signs of squirrels digging in your garden bed, it is time to make some homemade squirrel repellent. This recipe only uses natural ingredients, no chemicals. It won't hurt the environment.

Put the saucepan on the hob and fill it ½ to ¾ full with water. Turn on the burner to start heating it.

Peel and chop the onion into very small pieces on the cutting board while the water is heating. Cut up the two fresh jalapeño peppers into small pieces too. Put the chopped onion and chopped jalapeño peppers into the heating pot of water.

Add 1 tbps. of paprika and 1 tbps. of Cayenne pepper into the water with the chopped onions and chopped jalapeño peppers.

Stir the mixture up. Then let the water reach boiling point. Let the mixture of fresh produce and spices simmer for 15 to 25 minutes. Then turn off the burner and let the mixture cool.

Get the bowl and cheesecloth or metal strainer. Once the water, onions, peppers and spices have cooled, pour the mixture through the metal strainer or cheesecloth into the bowl. Now you will have a coloured liquid with little or no residue from the produce and spices in it.

Pour the strained liquid into the spray bottle either with a funnel or by hand if you have a steady enough hand pour the liquid into the opening without spilling. Put the top on.

Spray the homemade squirrel repellent all over the plant. As an added deterrent you can sprinkle some of the Cayenne pepper and paprika around the base of the plant. You should spray the plants about once a week, especially in rainy weather.

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