How to Obtain Nigerian Passports

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Nigeria is a country with beautiful beaches, lush jungles, natural warm springs for swimming and grasslands that are perfect for safari rides. There are a variety of festivals that occur throughout the year, including the Argungu Fishing Festival and the Yam Festival.

A trip to Nigeria can prove to be entertaining and relaxing. If you're a Nigerian citizen, you'll need a Nigerian passport for international travel.

Obtain applications for Nigerian passports belonging to applicants in the United States only from the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Washington, D.C., and the Consulate-Generals of Nigeria in New York and Atlanta, in person or by downloading and printing directly from the Embassy's website.

Apply within [three] months of your travel date--not before.

Completely fill out the application. Incomplete applications will be denied.

Obtain two money orders for the Embassy of Nigeria, Washington, D.C. or the Consulate-Generals of Nigeria in New York and Atlanta--one for the passport fee ($100 for an American citizen as of 2009; there is a list of fees for citizens of other nations) and another for the processing fee ($20). If applying for a Nigerian passport in person, the application should be processed in three to four business days, upon which an applicant will receive a passport.

If applying for a Nigerian passport by mail, send the application with the money orders and an extra prepaid self-addressed express envelope with a tracking number on it to one of these three addresses:

Embassy of the Federal Republic of Nigeria

3519 International Court, NW

Washington, DC 20008

Consulate-General of Nigeria

828 Second Avenue

New York, NY 10017

Consulate-General of Nigeria

8090 Rosewell Road

Atlanta, GA 30350.

The extra envelope will be returned with a passport after 10 working days of processing.