How to get rid of a mice smell

aneczka bazant

Mice are not the cleanest creatures. When your house becomes infested with them, you need to get rid of them. But setting up poisons or traps causes the mice to die. And the smell of dead mice can be very overwhelming. You must then work on getting rid of the mice smell so that your house can return to normal.

Remove the dead mice. Wear plastic gloves and place the dead mice in a Ziploc bag. Close the bag and dispose of them in an outside dustbin. You can't get rid of the mice smell until you get rid of the mice.

Clean your house as you normally would. Get all of the areas where you know the mice have been. This will not get rid of the odours, but it will reduce them and get you ready for the next step.

Air out the house by opening all of the windows. This option might not be permissible in the winter time, depending on weather conditions.

Slice an onion and put each half sliced side up on a plate. Place one half in each room where you have the smell of mice. Let it sit there overnight and when you get up in the morning the onion will have absorbed all of the mouse odour.

Pour some distilled vinegar in a bowl and set it out overnight. Vinegar is known for getting rid of odours. Place one bowl in each room where you encounter the mouse smell.

Use an odour eliminator such as Oust or Febreeze. These products are made to get rid of odours and not mask them. Spray it generously throughout your house. You may want to do this once every couple of hours for a day or two and then the smell should be gone.