How to make cheerleader pom-poms

If you are going to a sporting event or simply practicing for cheering tryouts, you can save money by making your own cheerleader pom-poms. The homemade cheerleader pom-poms will serve the same purpose as store bought pom-poms, and function just as well.

All you need is some inexpensive curling ribbon, such as the kind that is used to wrap birthday gifts. The ribbon is available in an endless array of colours to suit your needs. Add a Popsicle stick, a few rubber bands, and some electrical tape, and you have a pair of homemade cheerleader pom-poms that can't be beat.

Choose curling ribbon in the colours that you would like to use to create your cheerleader pom-poms. You can mix two or more colours to really make your cheerleading pom-poms look like the real thing.

Cut the curling ribbon into 15 inch strips. After cutting each piece, which will take some time, pile them together in a neat pile in front of you. Keep cutting the ribbon and adding to the pile until it has reached the appropriate thickness to create one cheerleader pom-pom.

Combine all of the cut pieces of curling ribbon together, evenly. The end that will serve as the handle should have all of the ribbon piece ends equally aligned.

Hold the ribbon ends firmly and lay a wooden Popsicle stick along the ribbon vertically. Secure the Popsicle stick to the ribbons using 3 rubber bands. One rubber band should be placed around the centre of the Popsicle stick and one at each end of the Popsicle stick.

Wrap the Popsicle stick and ribbon ends with electrical tape that is of a chosen colour to accent the cheerleader pom-poms. The electrical tape will serve as the handle, and will secure the ribbon ends in place.

Repeat the process to create the second cheerleader pom-pom. You can use these guidelines to create an assortment of pom-poms in different colours that can be used at different sporting events.