How to Make Your Own Tea Party Invitations Online

Photo Credit: Anissa Thompson

Dressing up in high heels and pearl necklaces, little girls have held tea parties for years. Sitting around a table with teddy bears and sipping tea is a favourite afternoon pastime. Planning a tea party has become much more sophisticated with the availability of the Internet.

Creating and sending tea party invitations can be done in a matter of minutes and with the click of a few buttons.

Decide the date, time and location for your tea party. Think about the theme for your tea party such as a Mad Hatter's tea party or a princess tea party. Include information for how guests will RSVP and by what day. Make sure to have the addresses or e-mail addresses for your guests.

Order printed invitations (see Resources below). Search online for customisable, printed invitations. Showcase your tea party's theme on the invitations such as choosing invitations with brightly coloured flowers for a springtime tea party. Proof the information you enter to ensure it is correct. Check twice for spelling, dates and names. Make sure to allow time for shipment.

Download and print invitations using a template (see Resources below). Add your information and print your own invitations. Have a high quality colour printer so the tea party invitations can be read clearly. Purchase card stock from an office supply store. Consider speciality paper with a design matching your theme.

Create an electronic invitation (see Resources below) sent via e-mail to guests. Choose an invitation reflecting your theme such as lipstick and pearls for a dress-up tea party or a traditional floral tea cup. These invitations can be updated and altered as the party nears. Electronic invitations provide guests with an easy way to RSVP. Hosts can send reminders or updates regarding the tea party to attending guests or undecided guests.

Send tea party invitations. Think of a creative way to address and send your printed invitations. Personally deliver the invitations if your guest list is small and you're using printed invitations rather than electronic. Proofread invitations and addresses one last time. Consider using speciality envelopes or embellishing them with stamps or stickers for the theme of your party.