How to decorate a mirror frame

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The boring mirror frame is a thing of the past. With the mirror being used more when decorating, creating an attractive mirror frame is a necessity. Whether it is complementing a fireplace mantel as a room's focal point or if it is used to make a small bathroom or bedroom look larger, a mirror plays an important role in interior decorating. Adding simple embellishments can go a long way in making boring, plain and ordinary mirror frame more attractive.

Use paint to a decorate a mirror frame. Jazz up your mirror frame by painting it a bold or vivid colour that complements the colour scheme of the room. Try purple paint on a mirror frame in a room with yellow walls. You can even use faux painting techniques or stencils to add depth and dimension to your mirror frame.

Use silk flowers to decorate a mirror frame. Using your hot glue gun, add daisies to the mirror frame used in your country kitchen. Add roses to the mirror in your bedroom to add a sense of romance. Remember to add greenery and baby's breath to make your mirror look more like a bouquet.

Use ribbons to decorate a mirror frame. Decorate a mirror frame used in a baby's nursery with ribbons tied in tiny boys. Hot glue pink, blue, yellow and green ribbons all around the mirror frame to add depth and dimension. You can even cover your mirror frame in different colours of ribbon to create stripes.

Use tile to decorate a mirror frame. Attach broken pieces of tile on a mirror frame to create a mosaic. For a larger mirror frame, use whole tiles in shades that will complement the other colours used in the room. Have a little fun and attach the bright jewel-tone tiles to a mirror frame.

Use fabrics to decorate a mirror frame. Using your hot glue gun, attach fabric to your mirror frame. Try using satin to give your mirror frame a glossy look. Tweed or linen will add texture to a mirror frame and will work well in a traditional living room or dining room.

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