How to make a clip-on tie,,

If you are tired of tying your tie each morning and wish that you could just snap or clip it around your neck, then this clip-on tie pattern is for you. You can use your own ties, tied just the way you like them, to create this handy accessory.

Then, get used to sleeping in an extra 10 minutes, because you will no longer need that time to tie your tie.

Tie your tie one last time. Tie is as you always do, and make sure the length is right. Do not tie it too tightly around your neck, because you will need a little excess material in the back.

Cut off the tie. Pinch an inch to two inches of cloth between your fingers at the back of the neck. Make the cut in the centre of this pinch. Cut directly up and down.

Zigzag each trailing end of the tie. The zigzag stitches should be about a half an inch from the actual cut end of the tie.

Trim the excess material from each end of the tie. You should cut as close to the zigzags as possible without touching them. Make your cut straight and neat.

Tack the back of the tie knot. This will keep the knot from coming undone. Use small, even and tight stitches. You will need to use the needle and thread for this part.

Sew on the 3 sets of snaps. They should be located at half-inch intervals along each end of the tie. This will allow you to adjust your tie tighter or looser depending on your outfit and your desired look.