How to Become an Independent Ticket Broker

Independent ticket brokers enjoy the benefit of being selective about which events they promote, while licensed ticket brokers have hefty fees and overhead that require them to sell tickets to as many shows as possible. With a few easy steps, you can start your own independent ticket broker business.

Purchase tickets through a licensed ticket broker to ensure that the tickets are authentic. In some cases you may be able to find a few tickets through local sources, but having a relationship with a licensed broker will help you identify fake tickets before you waste a lot of money. Find a licensed ticket broker through NATB, the National Association of Ticket Brokers (see Resources below). Find at least two brokers you can call so that you will be able to see who has the best prices. Some brokers can get better deals because they purchase more tickets. Often these savings will be passed on to you.

Select an event you are passionate about promoting once you have found a licensed ticket broker.

Purchase tickets is as soon as a show is announced. This will ideally allow you to purchase as many tickets as you need from a licensed ticket broker. Until you get experience in estimating demand accurately, purchase fewer tickets than you need.

Start getting the word out about the ticket prices and availability through local advertising channels. If you are just getting started, use free resources like social media (MySpace and Facebook) and Craigslist to get started (see Resources below). You can expand into other advertising formats as you get experience.

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