How to lose belly and arm fat

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Belly and arm fat are among the most difficult types of fat to lose. Men tend to collect fat in the belly as they age. Many women tend to gather fat in their arms as they gain weight. However, belly and arm fat can be a problem for both men and women. The only way to effectively lose belly and arm fat is by losing fat all over the body. It is a scientific fact that you cannot lose fat in just one place at a time. Unfortunately the fat cells in the belly and arms tend to be some of the last to shrink.

Set realistic goals. It is possible to lose some belly and arm fat, but you may not lose all that you want. Some people are just genetically inclined to retain fat in those areas of the body. A disciplined diet and exercise program will help you reduce fat in those areas, but it will take some time and a lot of work. The more ambitious your goals, the more time and effort that is required.

Start slowly. Many initially motivated people work out too hard their first time. They get sore, then give up right away. Belly and arm fat loss is a gradual process. You may find fat disappearing from other areas of your body before seeing any noticeable results in your belly and arms. Don't get frustrated. If you stick with the program it will eventually work. Do a little bit each day then increase your efforts as you get more comfortable.

Exercise regularly. The only way to lose fat is to increase your activity to speed up your metabolism. Do whatever you want as long as it gets you moving. Go for a walk, play tennis or ride your bike. Get your heart rate up for at least an hour and break a sweat. Increase your exercise as your body adapts.

Lift weights. Resistance exercises are very important for losing belly and arm fat. Strong muscles burn a lot of calories and help melt away fat. It is important to point out that lifting weights with your arms and doing stomach crunches will not make you lose fat in those areas. It is not possible to spot reduce fat. However, strong muscles created by weightlifting will increase your metabolism and burn more calories. You should therefore lift weights for all parts of your body. Also, by toning your arms and building muscle, it is possible to improve their appearance without actually losing fat there.

Change your diet. This does not have to be a radical change at first. Replace soda with water and drink plenty of it. Eat pretzels instead of chips. Eat fried food and dessert just once or twice a week. It is essential to reduce your calorie and fat intake while increasing your activity. As you become more disciplined you can make your diet even healthier.

Get plenty of sleep. You body has a harder time losing fat when you get less than eight hours sleep. Snooze and lose the pounds.

Consider surgery. Genetic fat in the belly and arms may never disappear no matter how much you work out and diet. Plastic surgeons can perform liposuction to those areas to remove fat cells. This can be expensive and there are significant risks to surgery.

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