Quick easy crafts to make & sell


Create many quick and easy crafts to sell by adding simple detail and design to items people use everyday. Add fabric paint to everyday useful items. Add themes to plain scrapbooks or frames people love having in their homes. Create useful, cuddly blankets with no sewing. Fun foam, beads and yarn are inexpensive materials that also make quick and easy crafts that sell. Acquire the needed items, and in just a weekend create multiple copies of these items that you can sell for a profit.

Create fabric paint designs on ties, potholders or kids' T-shirts for a quick and easy craft to sell. Create a simple object, personalisation or design on paper first. Use tailor's chalk to recreate the design on the item. Pour small amounts of fabric paint on a paper plate. Use the brushes to apply the colour as it comes from the bottle or mix new colours on the plate to use. Paint the design onto the fabric using the chalk line guide you made. Allow the paint design to dry overnight.

Scrapbooking items make quick and easy crafts to sell. Buy small discount-store frames and mini albums to embellish. Choose a theme for the item to be embellished. Themes like family, love, sports and school spirit typically sell well. Decorate your frame or mini album with theme stickers. Paint over the stickers with a craft sealer and let them dry. Use letters to place the theme word on the cover of the mini album or the edge of the frame. Create journaling and picture spaces on a frame mat you create with scrapbooking paper or the mini album pages using scrapbooking paper pieces or shape cutouts.

Make flannel throws and pillows to sell. This quick and easy craft requires no sewing. Buy two rectangles of flannel the size and colours you want the throw to be. Around the edges of both pieces, using good fabric scissors, cut "fringe" approximately 1 inch apart and 2 inches long. Create the blanket by laying the pieces on top of each other and tying knots with the fringe to connect the two pieces of felt. Coordinating throw pillows can be created in the same way. Buy small pillow forms and place them between the two flannel pieces for the pillow before you begin to tie. Depending on the depth of the pillow form, you may need to cut the edge fringe a bit longer so that it can be knotted with the pillow form in place.

Buy large packages of fun foam sheets, cutouts and stickers in a variety of colours. Create mouse pads by adding decorative foam shapes and stickers around the edge of a large rectangle. Use scrapbook adhesive to connect the shapes to the mouse pad base. Be careful to leave plenty of room in the middle undecorated for the mouse to use. Create animal, flower, heart and other designs, and then add a magnet to the back for a fun magnet craft. Create bookmarks out of fun foam by cutting long skinny rectangles, then adding a couple of small embellishments to the end of the bookmark.

Create unique beaded items to sell. Buy a variety of beads in all colours, styles and sizes. Make key rings by attaching beads to 3-to 5-inch pieces of plastic lanyard in a design or pattern. Attach the lanyard with beads to a small key ring. Decorate small barrettes with beads using monofilament. Place beads on a 3-inch piece of monofilament in a design or pattern. Attach the monofilament to the barrette letting the beaded design hang down from the barrette. Create purse and backpack "charms" by making designs and patterns on pieces of monofilament or beading cord. Fasten a necklace clasp to the end of the charm for attaching it to purses and backpacks.

Knit quick and easy crafts to sell. If you knit, create scarves, baby blankets, simple tote bags or purses, headbands and legwarmers. These items require little yarn and can often be created from ends left over from other projects. Choose simple knitting stitch patterns so they can be created quickly. For buyer attraction, create interest with bold, unique colour patterns. Experienced knitters need no patterns to knit these simple items because size can vary greatly with them. However, they look impressive when created with interesting patterns of colour and should sell well. For added interest, add a quick and easy shape such as a heart to the item with simple embroidery after the knitted item is finished.

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