How to find a person's address for free

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It is fairly easy to find people who may be scattered all over the world, a task that was nearly impossible just 10 years ago. On the Internet, there exists a variety of companies that will offer to find people and dig up information on them for a fee. If you just want to locate someone, however, there is no need to pay. All you need are a few tips on how to proceed.

Open up whichever web browser you are most comfortable with, usually Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer.

Do some simple searching on the Internet using a standard search engine like Google. Enter the name (with the middle name) of the person you are looking for into the search box and put the whole name into quotation marks, like this: "John Q Public." Otherwise, Google will search for everyone in the world named John. After searching, click on the links Google produces, and look for the address after the name of the person you searched. This technique really only works for people with unusual names, so you may need to start adding more detail to your search.

Add detail simply by adding more about the person into the search box, again using quotation marks. If you know where the person works, you might search with something like: "John Q Public," "Corporation Name." Nearly every company in the world has a website now, except the very smallest. This sort of search will take you to the corporate or organizational Web page of the person you are searching for. Look for the address after the name of the person you searched.

Search your own memory for everything you can remember about the person you are looking for. If you know where the person went to school or university, then that person is likely on the alumni page. This trick also sometimes works for people who were in the military. Search also for sports organisations, charitable organisations, church websites and others. Search the page for the name you are interested in, and look for the address right next to the name.

Be aware that there are a number of free Internet white pages that may also be of help (see Resources). You can search by first names and last names and whatever else you have. Then the page will show the names of anyone with names close to the one you are looking for in the geographic area you have specified. Remember that women may have changed their names when their marital status changed, perhaps unknown to you. After you have run your search, the address will appear in a box directly below the name.

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