How to Make a Purse Out of a Bra

JoAnna Pierotti

Purses made from bras have been popularised as an accessory that promotes breast-cancer awareness. You can convert an old bra that you own into a fashion bag, or buy a new one specifically for this purpose. The bigger the cup size of the bra, the bigger your finished purse will be. Underwire bras work best.

Cut all of the straps off the cups of the bra.

Glue the cups together along the underwire of the bra to form the pouch of the purse.

Glue one end of one shoulder strap to the top of one of the cups and the other end of the strap to the top of the other cup to form a shoulder strap for the purse. Use both straps if you would rather have handles for your bag. You can also use ribbon, fabric or cord instead of the old shoulder straps from the bra.

Glue embellishments like ribbon, fringe and beads onto the finished purse as desired.

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