How to keep couch cushions from slipping

Couches with removable seat cushions can be quite comfortable, however, the cushions may have a tendency to slip. As people sit and then get up off the couch, the cushions tend to slide with the repeated movements. As a result, your couch cushions may have difficulty staying in place. Not only can this look quite sloppy but it makes for a more cumbersome lounging experience. Thankfully, there are many things you can do to keep couch cushions in place.

Affix Velcro tape to the bottom of the cushions and couch base. Place the cushions back on the couch, lining up the Velcro strips carefully. The cushions will be less likely to slip, due to the additional security provided by the Velcro.

Place rubber shelf liner between the couch cushions and the couch base. Found at most kitchen supply stores, rubber shelf liner will provide friction, making it more difficult for the cushions to slide forward.

Purchase anti-slip floor mats. While these mats are typically used in bathtubs and showers to prevent falls, they will keep your couch cushions from slipping as well. Simply place the mats between the cushions and the couch.

Put a foam pad underneath the couch cushions. A thin egg crate pad will work particularly well to keep the cushions in place. The waffle-like surface of the pad discourages slipping.

Tuck your cushions into the back corner of your couch base. Place the cushions as far back into the corners as they can possibly go, using your fingertips to push them firmly in place. If the cushions are tucked into the corners, they are less prone to slipping forward.

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