How to make a die cutter

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Making the same shape repeatedly can be a daunting task for scrap book enthusiasts and crafters. Many intricate designs that need to be mass produced can be cut using a die cutter tool. This tool can cut multiple objects into the same shape. Cut individual pieces to make them the same size and shape of the original. In order to do this, make your own die cutter for each project. Using a die cutter to cut multiple pieces of stock material into the same shape can help make a difficult job easier.

Cut a wood block that is bigger than the size of the original piece that will be reproduced. To make a die cutter that is big enough to cut the pieces you need, measure the original piece. Add an extra 5 cm (2 inches) to the block so that the base of the die cutter can fit the original design with at least an extra 2.5 cm (1 inch) extra around the outside of the design.

Glue a piece of tire tube rubber onto the surface of the wood die cutter block. Using the rubber will help to grip the die cutter blades. In doing so, they will remain in the same position and depth for longer.

Trace the design of the piece you will be reproducing on to the rubber of the die cutter. Keep the design shape and size exactly the same as the original. When the die cutter is finished, it will make the pieces you need to repeat the pattern.

Cut the design into the die block that is topped with rubber using the chisel.

Hammer the chisel into the block using the outline of the design. Striking the chisel once, drive the cutting edge into the block and rubber about 6.5 mm (1/4 inch). This is where the die cutting blades will go into the block. Only set the chisel edge into the block once, and at the same depth as the other cut lines in the block. This will create a place for the die cutter blade (rule) to set into the block and rubber. This creates a secure bond between the wood and metal cutting edges.

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