How to Repair a Motorcycle Gas Tank

There are two common problems that motorcycle gas tanks often need repair for: minor leaks and dents. Because the tanks hold the fuel for the bike, repairing a leak can be tricky. With a little knowledge and the right materials, though, you can successfully seal gas tank leaks.

Minor dents can also be repaired without taking the motorcycle to a shop, which will likely save you money.

Check with the manufacturer to find out if there happens to be a recall on the leaking gas tank, if your motorcycle is a fairly new model.

Buy a repair kit for leaky motorcycle gas tanks that can be found on the market. Some of these products coat the inside of the tank to seal it completely. Others are epoxy repair kits. Follow the manufacturer's directions to obtain the best results.

Repair small holes and fissures in a motorcycle gas tank by using a torch and brazing rods to "braze weld" them. First, the gas tank will need to be removed, emptied and cleaned out thoroughly so there are no gasoline fumes. Otherwise, combustion can occur from the heat of the torch.

Sand down the area around the leak in the gas tank. Fine sandpaper works best to remove the paint. Then, repair the leak with the torch and brazing rods. Allow the repair to cool down, then sand it down smooth. Finally, prime and paint the repair on the motorcycle gas tank so the area blends in.

To repair a dent in a motorcycle gas tank, you can fill shallow depressions in with car body putty. Or, you can use a dent puller. For deeper dents, using a dent puller will work best.