How to Replace the Wheel Speed Sensor in a VW Passat

The anti-lock brake system on the Passat helps improves the ability of the car to stop quickly without locking the brakes. In an anti-lock system, the wheel speed sensor calculates the speed of the wheels by determining how quickly the wheel completes a full rotation.

Figure out which wheel speed sensor you need to replace. The Passat has a wheel speed sensor in the front and the rear. The position of the wheel speed sensor determines where you place the jack.

Lift the car with a jack. Make sure you support it correctly so you can work on the car safely.

Expose the wheel speed sensor. To do this, you need to take off the tire and wheel assembly.

Remove the wheel speed sensor wiring connector.

Use a wrench or a ratchet and socket set to take off the bolt that secures the wheel speed sensor to the wheel bearing housing. If you're working on the rear wheel speed sensor, you need to remove the nut from the stub axle instead.

Separate the Passat wheel speed sensor from the housing. Pull gently on the part with your fingers; prying at it with tools can cause damage.

Use a wire brush to clean the wheel bearing housing and the surrounding area.

Lubricate the area with lubricant G 000 650.

Install the new wheel speed sensor and tighten the mounting retainer to 70 inch pounds. (8 Nm) with a torque wrench.

Reassemble the remaining components by reversing the steps you took to remove them.

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