How to Make a Stun Gun

In recent years the stun gun has become a safer, more legal and less fatal form of self protection. There are numerous brands and models of stun guns on the market today, some of which are used by law enforcement officials. There is no need to go out and buy a stun gun, however, if you just want one to show off to your friends. For just a few dollars, you can make your own stun gun at home.

Remove the cardboard wrapper that is around the camera. You'll be left with a black, flimsy looking camera.

Discharge any electricity that may be in the flash bulb of the camera. This is important to prevent any shock while making the stun gun. This is as simple as winding the camera up and pressing the button to take a picture. You can even hold down the flash button so that it charges, just so you know that the flash is properly working. Just make sure to press the button to take a picture afterwards to discharge the flash.

Take the flathead screwdriver and pry the camera open. There will be small tabs on the back of the camera, at the bottom and top. Use these points to push the head of the screwdriver into the camera and pry it open. Make sure you do not shove the screwdriver too far into the camera, as this may harm the electric mechanism.

Pull the small circuit board in the camera out and set it aside. The circuit board consists of a small green board directly connected to the flash bulb and a small capacitor, which is what gives the bulb its power. Make sure you carefully pull this part out without breaking it.

Prep your wire for use. Take one end of the wire and split it in two. You have to use speaker wire, as you need two wires. Each wire should be about 1"-1 1/2" after you split it, but still connected after that length. Use your wire strippers to strip the wires about 1/2" from the end. Twist each wire tightly to ensure that there are no stray wires coming out.

Look at the capacitor and find the two wires coming out of it. The capacitor will usually have the same shape as a battery. To ensure the capacitor is discharged, press the head of the screwdriver against the two wires. Now connect one wire to each capacitor. Just slide each wire under a wire on the capacitor. Bend each wire over its respective capacitor wire and tightly twist it. The wires should be twisted as tightly as possible, or else the stun gun may not work. Lightly pull on the wires when you've finished twisting them to make sure they are as secure as possible.

Place the circuit board back into the camera. Make sure you put it back in exactly as it was when you took it out. Just let the wires hang out of the bottom of the camera while putting the board back in. Once the board securely snaps back into place, close the camera case, ensuring that your two wires are coming out of the bottom. Make sure the camera case snaps back into position as well.

Wind the camera up again. Hold the flash charge button down to see if you can hear it charging. If you can, then all is well. Discharge the flash again to make sure you don't accidentally shock yourself.

Cut the wire that is hanging out of the camera to one to two feet. Split these two wires as you did earlier with the other end of the speaker wire. Use the wire strippers to strip the wires about 1/2" from their ends. Twist the ends of these wires to ensure that there are no frays in the wires.

Enjoy your new stun gun. Just charge the flash, while ensuring you aren't touching the wires, and then touch the wires to whatever you want to shock. This stun gun is not as dangerous as store-bought stun guns and will just give you a little shock.

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