Aluminum Cleaner Recipe

Aluminium is a durable metal that is used in many household products. It is used in doors, window trim, cabinet hardware any many other products around the home. It is a popular choice because it is both affordable and durable, and is also a lightweight material to work with.

Unfortunately, aluminium also has a tendency to oxidise, which means it needs to be cleaned and polished occasionally. Professional strength cleaners can be expensive to buy, however you can circumvent that cost by making a DIY aluminium cleaner with common items you already have at home. Here is how to make your own aluminium cleaner at home.

Place the cream of tartar and the baking soda into a bowl. Use a spoon to mix them together until both ingredients are blended well.

Add the vinegar to the bowl. Use the spoon to stir all of the ingredients until they are blended into a creamy paste.

Stir the soap flakes into the mixture. Keep stirring until everything is well mixed.

Spoon the paste into a container that has a screw on lid and can create an air tight seal. This allows you to store the mixture so that it will be available any time you need to use it.