How to get rid of moles naturally without scars

Moles are small dark spots on a person's skin. It is believed that most moles develop in the first 20 years of a person's life. In fact, one in every hundred babies are born with moles. While some people appreciate their moles, calling them "beauty marks," many people despise them. There is always the option to have a mole surgically removed, but this can be expensive and leave a scar. Knowing a few at home techniques that use products found at your supermarket (and even sometimes in your yard) can save you money and help remove your moles the safe and natural way.

Check your local grocery store to see if onion juice is stocked. It will usually be near the spices section. If the store has some, purchase it and go to Step 3. If the store doesn't, proceed to Step 2.

Make your own onion juice. There are numerous ways to do this, and any way to get the juice out will work. One way is to put a few slices of the onion in a food processor and leave the processor on until the onion is mushy. You can now place the onions into a coffee filter and squeeze them. Make sure you have something to catch the juice in when it comes through the filter. It will not make much, but you don't really need much for this method.

Rub the onion juice directly onto your mole. Do this everyday for at least 3 weeks. This should diminish the mole's appearance.

Put some baking soda into a bowl. You only need a pinch or two of the baking soda. The bowl does not need to be large as you will only be making enough product for you to use for one day. You can make a new batch everyday.

Pour a small amount of castor oil into the baking soda while using your finger to mix it well. You will only need enough castor oil to make the baking soda into a paste. Depending on how much baking soda you used, this could vary. Stop adding castor oil when the mixture is a paste.

Apply the paste to your mole, or moles, nightly before going to bed. Leave the paste on overnight. Wash off any remnant of the paste when you wake up in the morning. Make a little more paste each day and keep applying it to your mole for at least a week, and the mole's appearance should diminish.

Place a drumstick pod into the herb grinder. Depending on the size of your herb grinder, you may be able to place all of the pods into the grinder at once to save time. Continuously grind the pods until they turn paste-like.

Add a little bit of fresh lemon extract to the paste. Mix the two as your pour the lemon extract. You do not want to pour so much that the paste becomes a liquid, just enough so that there is lemon in it. This will vary depending on how many pods you use.

Apply the paste to your mole regularly. This should only be once or twice a day. Continue using the paste until the mole starts to fade.

Go outside and pull a few dandelions out of the ground. You want to make sure that the root comes up with them. Knock off the dirt and begin rubbing the root onto the mole. Continue doing this until a milky white substance comes out of the root. Do this three times a day. This is one of the best methods for mole removal.

Take some freshly cut pineapple and rub it on the mole. Do this several times a day and the mole should start to diminish in 2 to 3 days.

Apply tea tree oil to the mole or moles. Continue doing this for 7 to 10 days and the mole should start to diminish.

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